Project 2: Level Design Prototyping

What is Filebase

And how do you use it

Filebase front page, where to log in or sign up and where to find assets once logged in.

Alright, time to start a new project. In this project I will get to know some aspects of the level designing and also be introduced to the different rendering pipelines to be able to do beautiful games. But before I begin, I need some assets with which to actually make the exquisite game, and here to help me with it is Filebase.

Simply put, Filebase is an asset collection for Unity developers. It already has a large collection of all sorts of assets for a wide variety of games available, and it’s still growing.

To get access to these assets all you have to do is either log in, if you already have membership, or sign up and purchase a plan that suits your needs.

Once you’re logged in you can browse the content on their search assets webpage, or if you have an idea what you want, you can search it. When you’ve found what you were looking for press the download button, unzip the package and import the asset to Unity.

Searching for an asset, browsing the results, and downloading one.

The importing has been made easy in Unity, all you have to do is to drag and drop the asset into Unity, click the import button in the import screen, and you are ready to use whatever asset you imported straight away in your project.

Importing the downloaded asset into Unity.



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