Project 1: Space Shooter

Setting a more productive layout in Unity

And making some preliminary tweaks to it

Changing the default layout to a more professional one.

I am almost ready to start with my very first Unity project, the only thing that’s left to do is to change the default Unity layout to a more streamlined one.

To start I change the layout to the Tall layout from the dropdown menu of the upper right hand corner of the Unity screen. After that I separate the Scene and the Game views by dragging the Game view beneath the Scene view. This way if I do any changes to the Scene view I will immediately see the effects on the Game view. Then it’s a great idea to make the two views the same size by stretching the Game view up until both views are the same size, this should be more or less when the border of the views aligns with the border of Hierarchy and Project views. While I’m at it I change the aspect ratio to 16:9 on the Game view, because this is the most used aspect ratio on any device today.

The next thing is to change the layout of the Project view to the One column layout. I change it by clicking the three dots on the Project view and choosing the One column layout. This will change the view to a list view, which will make it easier for me to access every folder on my project. Now I can see what I have, change them at will and drag and drop them to the Hierarchy view without the need to go through, possibly many layers of folders.

Other benefit of this layout is the ease of switching between horizontal or vertical views on the Scene and Game views when developing games for differently oriented devices. All I have to do is pick the Game view and put it on either side of the Scene view, and I’m ready to develop for vertical screens. Or do the exact opposite and be ready to work on horizontal screens. After all many of the games developed today are ported to different devices, so with this layout I’m ready to develop for any situation.




Unity game developer in the making.

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Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen

Unity game developer in the making.

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