Project 1: Space Shooter

How to install Unity

Official Unity logo provided by Unity

The easiest way to install any Unity version is to first download and install Unity Hub. While it’s being downloaded you might want to make yourself a Unity ID, if you already don’t have one. This is used to subscribe to different Unity services and to enable Unity Asset Store.

Download Unity Hub and make a Unity ID.

Once the download has finished and the installation is complete, open the Unity Hub. On the left hand side you can see different options, at the top you can sign in with your Unity ID. By clicking the sign in button it will open up a webpage which will authorize the Unity Hub to use your Unity ID.

Sign in to the Unity Hub with the Unity ID.

Another option is the Projects, where all your projects will be shown, and then the last one of interest is the Installs. First choose the installs so that the actual Unity development environment can be installed.

Depending on your needs, you can have multiple versions of Unity installed at any given time. For example I have Unity 2022 beta version and a Unity 2021 LTS version installed. I also use Unity 2020 LTS from time to time and I don’t have it installed, that is why I will choose that for installation.

Installing the desired Unity version from the Unity Hub.

Before I can install the Unity version that I want, I have to choose the modules that I will most likely use when I have a project underway. These can be installed separately later on if a need arises.

Installing new modules to a previously installed Unity version.



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