Second project: The Great Fleece

First step in making a cutscene

Photo by Peter Stumpf on Unsplash

While there is debate whether cutscenes in games are an integral part of the story or a, preferably skippable, nuisance, their absence will still be noticed by both sides. Thus it has become a time to see how this opinion generating feature of many games can be done in Unity.

My very first project: Space Shooter, Phase 2

With a coroutine in Unity

Photo by Buzz Andersen on Unsplash

To make the game more interesting and to pace it better, I will design a wave system to spawn ever increasing amount of enemies.

At the moment the spawning will continue as long as the player survives and wants to keep on playing. This could be a good thing in…

My very first project: Space Shooter, Phase 1

Good all-in-one system with some drawbacks

Photo by Leon on Unsplash

I used GitHub’s Projects to plan and follow my progress on the Phase 1 of my Space Shooter project. Now that I have finished this phase it’s a good time to review how the GitHub’s Projects faired.

The best part of it is, that everything is in the same place…

My very first project: Space Shooter, Phase 1

New effect after the player takes damage

Photo by Julius Drost on Unsplash

Probably one the best ways to show taking a hit or being affected by a blast is the good old camera shake. Turns out it is quite easy to produce in Unity. Don’t believe me? Then read on and find out if you’re right.

I could do this inside the…

Eero Saarinen

Unity game developer in the making.

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